Photojournalism: Strike against Mexican Government and its Educational Reform


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Mexico City, September 4th 2013. Thousands of teachers of the public educational mexican system went out to walk by the avenues in Mexico City against the Mexican government and the educational reform.

Reforma Educativa-12

Reforma Educativa-1

Reforma Educativa-2

Reforma Educativa-3

Reforma Educativa-4

Reforma Educativa-5

Reforma Educativa-6

Reforma Educativa-7

Reforma Educativa-8

Reforma Educativa-9

Reforma Educativa-10

Reforma Educativa-11

Reforma Educativa-13

Reforma Educativa-14

Reforma Educativa-15

Reforma Educativa-16

Reforma Educativa-17

Reforma Educativa-18

Reforma Educativa-19

Reforma Educativa-20

Reforma Educativa-21

Reforma Educativa-22

Reforma Educativa-23

Reforma Educativa-24

Reforma Educativa-25

Reforma Educativa-26

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Reforma Educativa-28

Reforma Educativa-29

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Reforma Educativa-32

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I am getting enrolled at NYIP


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Yes, I am a proud member of NYIP – New York Institute of Photography, the oldest and biggest photography school of the world!

After some years studying and trying to be a better photographer, I decided to make my hobby more professional and to get the challenge. I think I am a passionate of photography like you, but I feel that I don’t have the knowledge and neither the experience of a medium photographer to make good photography. So, I told with friends and did some search to several of good photography schools and I made the decision for NYIP.

In my “education career” in photography, I started more serious in 2010, when I had some finance conditions to make an investment in my camera. I am physic, I studied at one of more prestigious college in my country, but I work in the finance industry since my first year with my physics diploma, and during my college I woke up my interest about photography, it was 1998… And after 12 years, I could get a DSRL camera…

One time with my precious and waited camera, when I started to help my wife with her business (she is a great pastry chef and cake designer, take a look in I had conscious that it is not enough a good equipment, or better, your camera really doesn’t matter to make good photos… You need technique and sensibility, you need to develop your photographer’s eye. So, I took some courses and I participated in some workshops of photography. One of those is a great food stylist workshop in Brazil, with the spectaculars chef Heiko Grabole and photographer Michel Teo Sin, one of more creative and great photographers that I have known. Thanks a lot guys for help me always! I really think you are a great mix between excellent professionals in this area! (see

After these greats courses and workshops, I really get better my photography, but I still feel that not enough… But, they help me a lot to shoot better the great and creative cakes of my wife, and help me in my first steps in stock photography (previous posts of my blog).

By the other hand, they also inspire me and make me more hungry about photography! It is really interesting to understand how the great photographers get their impressive photos, how it is possible to wake up emotions and reactions with images, to keep and transform great moments to the immortality and how it is possible to make a difference to sell and to communicate concepts or products with photography.

With these thoughts I started my search for great and good schools, and I found the NYIP. A great school, an educational methodology very respectable and an international and global mindset make for me not only interesting but also my decision to get enrolled be right.

I hope to share with you more about this great experience that I have begun soon. For while I can talk that the people of NYIP are very kind, with a big attention and very concerned; the process is very clear, easy, friendly; and I received the course material in time even that I am living abroad to USA. By the way, the books, audio material, DVDs and all in respect to the NYIP Complete Photography Course are excellent, up date and oriented to help me become a better photographer exactly like NYIP’s director told me!

For more information:

One more step done in stock photography!


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Hi dear Friends!

Today I am starting as a new collaborator in iStockphoto! After some months studying, reading and improving technical and concepts in photography for specific stock and commercial images, I got it!

Really, it is being a very good and rich experience to be accept in this companies, Dreamstime (previous post) and now iStockphoto! Now, let’s start to grow up the portfolios and begin the sales.

Please take a look in my portfolio in iStockphoto and take access to Photographer profile clicking the banner below.


Starting as Stock Photographer


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Hi Friends,

Today I have a good news! I was accepted like a photographer collaborator in one of biggest stock photography community.

Some weeks ago I had started my project to be accept in some agencies of stock photography and Dreamstime is the first one I have a positive response.

I expect to have more good news soon, and like my photographer friends have told me: The first step was done, now the work is going start!

Here the link to my photographer profile in Dreamstime:

This is my unique referral ID for your inscription (should be used on the new registration form): res5967037

Xochimilco, Mexico City.


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Xochimilco is another great weekend attraction in Mexico City. It is internationally famous by the existence of a system of canals and the small colorful boats that float on them among musicians, Mariachis, flowers, and people selling typical mexican food.
The name “Xochimilco” comes from Nahuatl and means “flower field.” This referred to the many flowers and other crops that were grown here on chinampas (as the terrain is called) since the pre-Hispanic period.
Xochimilco-1 Xochimilco-3 Xochimilco-4 Xochimilco-5 Xochimilco-6 Xochimilco-7 Xochimilco-13 Xochimilco-14 Xochimilco-20 Xochimilco-22