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We don’t take pictures only with our camera; the photographic action brings the books that we have read, the movies that we have watched, the musics that we have listened and the people that we have loved.

Ansel Adams.

Nosotros no hacemos una foto solo con la cámara; el acto de fotografiar trae todos los libros que limos, las películas que vimos, la música que escuchamos y las personas que amamos.

Ansel Adams.

My links:

Flickr Gallery:

English sites:

NYIP – New York Institute of Photography
Cambridge in Colour – Photography Tutorials & Learning Community
Basic Photography | Digital Photography Magazine | Illustrated Photography
Fine Art Photoblog | Fine Art Photography by a Collection of Fine Photographers
News: Photography as a Hobby: How to Start Improving
Strobist: Lighting 101
Strobist: Lighting 102: Introduction

Sites en Espanol:

dZoom, Pasión por la Fotografia
Fotografía y cámaras digitales. Xataka Foto
Strobist en Español: Lighting 101
Strobist en Español: Lighting 102: Introducción 

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